Running Flows in the Cloud

Running Flows locally on a simulator/emulator or physical device is useful for iterating on your Flows. But eventually you'll want to automate the execution of your Flows in an environment built for consistency and deep analysis that is not available in a local environment.
Some common use-cases for running Flows in the cloud:
  • Running Flows automatically from CI
  • Blocking pull requests on Flow regressions
  • Deeper analysis of Flows (Performance, Memory Leaks, Screen Recordings, Logs, etc)
  • Parallelized Flow execution for faster feedback is the easiest way to run your Flows in the cloud.
Get started in less than 60 seconds using the maestro upload command:
maestro upload <uploadName> <appBinary> <flowfile> provides plenty of other features to make your life easier when automating your Flows:
  • Native GitHub Actions support
  • Pull Request Integration
  • Performance Analysis
  • Memory Analysis
  • App Size Analysis
  • and more...
For more information head to the Documentation:

Maestro CLI can run Flows on any Android device/emulator that supports TCP ADB connections and any iOS device/simulator that supports Facebook's IDB. You can manually orchestrate your Flow execution against any provider that supports these protocols. Just use the Maestro CLI to run your Flows like you would locally.
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