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Flow configuration

The following properties can be configured on a given Flow:
  • appId: defines what app the Flow should start when running launchApp (required)
  • name: custom name for the Flow if you don't want to use the filename (optional)
  • tags: list of tags that this Flow is part of. More information regarding tags can be found here. (optional)
  • env: map of environment variables that should be made available for this Flow
  • onFlowStart: This is a hook that takes a list of Maestro commands as an argument. These commands will be executed before the initiation of each flow. Typically, this hook is used to run various setup scripts.
  • onFlowComplete: This hook accepts a list of Maestro commands that are executed upon the completion of each flow. It's important to note that these commands will run regardless of whether a particular flow has ended successfully or has encountered a failure. Typically, this hook is used to run various teardown / cleanup scripts.
# flow.yaml
name: Custom Flow name
- tag-build
- pull-request
- runFlow: setup.yaml
- runScript: setup.js
- <any other command>
- runFlow: teardown.yaml
- runScript: teardown.js
- <any other command>
- launchApp