Recording Your Flow

It's often useful to record a video of your Flow. Some reasons you might want to do this:

  • Showcase a Maestro Flow to your team

  • Share a Maestro Flow on social media

  • Demonstrate some behavior of your Flow (eg. for debugging purposes)

Maestro makes this easy to do without needing to clean up your desktop, arrange your windows, or deal with screen recording software.

Simply run the command below to render a beautiful mp4 video of your Flow in action:

maestro record YourFlow.yaml

Here's an example of the final output:


How does this work?

The maestro record command captures the raw Flow output and app screen recording, and then programmatically stitches them together into an mp4 file. Today, the rendering is done on servers so the command sends the screen recording and Flow output securely over the internet to our API.

Are video URLs private?

Yes - maestro record generates a signed url that is valid for 60 minutes. This means that no one can guess your video url and you are the only one who can download your video (unless you share the signed url). After 60 minutes, the url will be invalidated.

Why doesn't rendering happen locally?

We'd also prefer to render videos locally, but the rendering logic today requires dependencies that we'd rather not force our users to install in their environment. Remote rendering allows maestro record to work out of the box without any additional setup steps. We may implement local rendering in the future.

How long are videos stored?

Videos are deleted from our servers after 24 hours.

What is the maximum duration for a Flow recording?

The maximum duration is two minutes.

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