Android contacts flow automation

This flow demonstrates how Maestro can automate saving a contact with name, phone number & email of a person.

Some notable interactions in this Flow:

  1. Clicking on any element using: tapOn

  2. Random data input using: inputRandomPersonName,inputRandomNumber & inputRandomEmail

  3. Android back navigation using: back

Flow File

- launchApp
- tapOn: "Create new contact"
- tapOn: "First name"
- inputRandomPersonName
- tapOn: "Last name"
- inputRandomPersonName
- tapOn: "Phone"
- inputRandomNumber:
    length: 10
- back
- tapOn: "Email"
- inputRandomEmail
- tapOn: "Save"

How to run the flow

  1. Install maestro in your system. (Installation instructions)

  2. Copy the YAML flow from below in your system and save it as contacts.yaml

  3. Start android emulator in your system

  4. Run this command from your terminal: maestro test contacts.yaml

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