To scroll towards a direction until an element becomes visible in the view hierarchy, use the following command:

- scrollUntilVisible:
      id: "viewId" # or any other selector
    direction: DOWN # DOWN|UP|LEFT|RIGHT (optional, default: DOWN)
    timeout: 50000 # (optional, default: 20000) ms
    speed: 40 # 0-100 (optional, default: 40) Scroll speed. Higher values scroll faster.
    visibilityPercentage: 100 # 0-100 (optional, default: 100) Percentage of element visible in viewport
    centerElement: false # true|false (optional, default: false)

Please refer to the Selectors page for a full list of supported selectors.


The scroll will move towards the direction specified DOWN|UP|LEFT|RIGHT. For example, if DOWN is specified then it will start scrolling towards the bottom of the screen.


The timeout (in miliseconds) defines how long it should scroll and look for the specified element. The test fails if the timeout ends before the specified element is visible. If the element is visible, the test will move on with the next command / step.

Center Element

If enabled, it will attempt to stop when the element is closer to the screen center.

In case it's not possible to bring the element to the center (i.e it's the last element in the list), it will stop scrolling after few attempts.

- scrollUntilVisible:
    centerElement: true
      text: "Item 6"

Visibility Percentage

By default an element will be considered visible if it is fully displayed in the viewport. You can adjust that threshold by modifying visibilityPercentage.


If you want to scroll until the text "My text" is visible you can run the following command:

- scrollUntilVisible:
    element: "My text" # or any other selector
    direction: DOWN

If we want to scroll towards the bottom until a view with id com.example.resource.some_view_id becomes visible, you can use the id selector like this:

- scrollUntilVisible:
      id: ".*some_view_id" # or any other selector
    direction: DOWN

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