onFlowStart / onFlowComplete hooks


If some logic needs to be executed before the start or after the completion of maestro flow onStart and onComplete hooks can be used. The hooks are a part of flow configuration section.

Basic usage of an API could look like that:

# flow.yaml
appId: my.app
  - runFlow: setup.yaml
  - runScript: setup.js
  - <any other command>
  - runFlow: teardown.yaml
  - runScript: teardown.js
  - <any other command>

What if one of the hooks fails?

In case of either onFlowStart / onFlowComplete failure the behavior of maestro is consistent with JUnit (@before / @after) and XCTest (setup / teardown) hooks.

Test caseBehavior

when before onFlowStart hook fails, does that fail the whole flow?

flow marked 🔴

when onFlowStart hook fails, does that skip the main body of the flow execution?

flow execution skipped

when onFlowStart hook fails, does the onFlowComplete hook still run?

onFlowComplete hook is still called

when the onFlowComplete hook fails, does the flow fail?

flow marked 🔴

onFlowStart / onFlowComplete in the subflows

If either onFlowStart or onFlowComplete hooks are implemented within a subflow, their commands will execute as expected. However, note that the execution start and end times will correspond to the subflow's duration, not the main flow's.

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