Specify a Device

If you have multiple devices open, you can specify which device to run Maestro on. To do this, you must first obtain the device identifier and then pass it to Maestro.

Note that when you specify a device, Maestro will not start the device.

Obtaining the Device Identifier

To list your running Android devices, run the following command in your terminal:

adb devices

From the output, locate the device identifier for the device you want to use with Maestro.

Passing the Device Identifier to Maestro

When running any Maestro command that requires a device (e.g. test or studio), you must first pass the device identifier with the --device parameter before running the command.

For example, to run Maestro Studio on an Android device with identifier emulator-5554 use the following command:

maestro --device emulator-5554 studio

Similarly, to run Maestro Test on an iOS simulator with identifier 5B6D77EF-2AE9-47D0-9A62-70A1ABBC5FA2 use the following command:

maestro --device 5B6D77EF-2AE9-47D0-9A62-70A1ABBC5FA2 test flow.yaml

Even with multiple devices open, Maestro is unable to run tests in parallel.

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