In order to tap on a view with the text "My text"you can use the shorthand selector for text like this:
- tapOn: "My text"
You can also user other selectors such as id:
- tapOn:
id: "id" # or any other selector
For a full list of selectors, please refer to the Selectors page.

Tapping on a specific point on the screen

Whenever possible, prefer tapping on view id or text instead of coordinates as this might make your tests dependent on a specific type of a device
You can specify a relative position on the screen using:
- tapOn:
point: 0%,0% # top-left corner
- tapOn:
point: 100%,100% # bottom-right corner
- tapOn:
point: 50%,50% # middle of the screen
You can also specify absolute coordinates on the screen to tap on:
- tapOn:
point: 100,200 # This command will tap on point x:100 y:200 on the screen (in pixels)

Long press

To long press on a view or a point, use the same exact properties but with a longPressOn command
- longPressOn: Text
- longPressOn:
id: view_id
- longPressOn:
point: 50%,50%


appId: com.android.contacts
- launchApp
- tapOn:
id: .*floating_action_button.* #regex
- inputText: "John"
- tapOn: "Last Name"
- inputText: "Snow"
- tapOn: .*Save.*