By design, Maestro highly discourages a pattern of introducing artificial wait blocks as we believe that Maestro is already handling that reasonably well. Commands listed below should be used as a last resort in exceptional cases where a longer wait period is required (i.e. waiting for a video to finish)
If you need to wait for an element to become visible within a reasonable time (i.e. 5-10 seconds), use assertions instead.


Waits until an element becomes visible. Fails if the element is not visible after the timeout expires. This command will complete as soon as element becomes visible and is not going to wait for timeout to expire.
- extendedWaitUntil:
visible: Element # Same input as in assertVisible or tapOn
timeout: 10000 # Timeout in milliseconds
Similarly, it can wait until an element disappears:
- extendedWaitUntil:
notVisible: Element
timeout: 10000