Installing Maestro

Installing the CLI

Using Windows? Follow this guide to get set up on a Windows machine: Installing Maestro on Windows
Run the following command to install Maestro on Mac OS, Linux or Windows (WSL):
curl -Ls "" | bash

Upgrading the CLI

Simply run the installation script again:
curl -Ls "" | bash

Installing a specific version of Maestro

To install a specific version, declare a MAESTRO_VERSION property and run the same installation command as before:
export MAESTRO_VERSION={version}; curl -Ls "" | bash

Connecting to Your Device

Before running Flows on iOS Simulator, install Facebook IDB tool
brew tap facebook/fb
brew install facebook/fb/idb-companion
Note: At the moment, Maestro does not support real iOS devices
maestro test will automatically detect and use any local emulator or USB-connected physical device.

Homebrew support

We no longer recommend using homebrew to manage your maestro installation and instead recommend the installation script above. To upgrade your maestro installation that was installed via Homebrew we recommend uninstalling it and then reinstalling it using the official instructions:
brew uninstall maestro
curl -Ls "" | bash