Installing Maestro

Installing the CLI

Using Windows? Follow this guide to get set up on a Windows machine: Installing Maestro on Windows
Run the following command to install Maestro on Mac OS, Linux or Windows (WSL):
curl -Ls "" | bash

Upgrading the CLI

Simply run the installation script again:
curl -Ls "" | bash
If you previously installed Maestro through Homebrew you can upgrade Maestro through homebrew directly: brew upgrade maestro

Installing a specific version of Maestro

To install a specific version, declare a MAESTRO_VERSION property and run the same installation command as before:
export MAESTRO_VERSION={version}; curl -Ls "" | bash
Note that this operation is not supported for Homebrew installations. We recommend you to switch to the above approach by uninstalling your brew distribution:
brew uninstall maestro

Connecting to Your Device

Before running Flows on iOS Simulator, install Facebook IDB tool
brew tap facebook/fb
brew install facebook/fb/idb-companion
Note: At the moment, Maestro does not support real iOS devices
maestro test will automatically detect and use any local emulator or USB-connected physical device.