Maestro Studio

Your personal assistant to help write your Maestro Flows
Use Maestro Studio to instantly discover the exact commands needed to interact with your app.
Here’s how it works:

Launch Maestro Studio

Maestro Studio is built right into the Maestro CLI. Upgrade your CLI to the latest version, and run the command below to launch Maestro Studio in your browser:
maestro studio
Here’s what you’ll see:
You can either visually select UI elements in order to receive suggestions on how to interact with the element in your Flow or enter Maestro commands in the REPL and run them through clicking ENTER.

Visually Select a UI Element

Click on the device screenshot to select a UI element.

Automatically Generated Examples

Maestro Studio automatically generates examples of how you can interact wit the selected element in your Flows. You can either double click on the example to have it be executed directly or copy it, read the docs and other things via the hotkeys available.

Executing commands in the REPL

You can execute Maestro commands inline in Studio in the REPL view. The commands are written in YAML in the same way as you would write any normal Flow.