Maestro CLI
The Maestro CLI consists of a few commands that cover the whole journey of writing a test.

This command starts a test in a continuous mode. That is, test will be automatically restarted whenever you make a change to the test file. This is particularly convenient when writing a new test from ground up:
maestro test -c flow.yaml
Check out the Reference section of the docs to learn about all the commands you can execute.

Following commands are going to help you to understand what is currently shown on the screen.
query command finds an element that matches a condition:
maestro query [text=regex] [id=regex]
hierarchy command prints out the whole view hierarchy that is currently being shown
maestro hierarchy

There might be cases where you don't want to store certain values in a test file itself (i.e. user name, password, etc.). To solve that, you can pass parameters to Maestro:
maestro test -e [email protected] -e PASSWORD=123 file.yaml
And then refer to them in your flow using ${name} notation:
- launchApp
- inputText: ${USERNAME}
- tapOn: Next
- inputText: ${PASSWORD}
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